“Please note that this information may change after Brexit!”

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Check List for travelling pets

Published: Saturday 8 September, 2018 Category: General Advice

Please note that this information may change after Brexit!

For your pet to enter Jersey from approved countries, you must answer ‘yes’ to the all of the following questions:

Is your pet microchipped?

Is your pet currently vaccinated against rabies?

Was your pet vaccinated after it was microchipped?

Have you had your pet’s microchip checked before travel?

Have you got an EU Pet Passport from your vet certifying the microchip and vaccination?

Have you checked that the vaccination is still in date and all the dates in the passport are correct?

Have you checked all the relevant parts are signed and stamped by an official vet?

Have at least 21 days passed since your pet had its first rabies vaccination?Has your dog been treated for tapeworm by a vet 1-5 days before scheduled arrival in Jersey?

Are you travelling into Jersey with your pet on an approved carrier?

For more information about the Pet Passport scheme and travel advice click here.

Microchip failures

If your pet’s microchip fails and cannot be read, your pet must be re-chipped and re- prepared in accordance with Pet Travel Scheme rules and a new pet passport issued. You cannot travel with your pet until 21 days after the rabies vaccination.

Please remember that your pet has to be treated for worms by a vet at least 24 hours before travel and within 120 hours before scheduled arrival in Jersey!!!

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