“Jessie had not been her normal bouncy self for a few days when her owner brought her to the surgery.”

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Jessie's Story

Published: Thursday 1 September, 2011 Category: Pet Success Stories

Jessie had not been her normal bouncy self for a few days when her owner brought her to the surgery.

Whilst on the surface there seemed to be no apparent abnormalities a blood test revealed that Jessie's liver was failing. An ultrasound showed that her liver was extremely swollen but gave no further clues as to why.

Jessie's condition deteriorated fast and within 2 days she was admitted for further tests and intensive care.

A liver biopsy was taken and acute hepatitis was diagnosed. Luckily, due to the fact that Jessie's owner had acted fast, picking up on the very mild symptoms, together with the prompt treatment administered, there was hope for Jessie.

A further 2 weeks of hospitalised intensive treatment followed. Jessie's dedicated owner visited daily which no doubt helped the recovery process.

Jessie was finally discharged, but for the following months had to endure frequent blood tests, prescription medication and, worst of all for a Labrador, a bland diet of prescription food and cottage cheese!

The liver plays a major role in detoxifying everything absorbed into the body. In Jessie's case, because her liver needed to recover, this meant not only a large amount of medication but a total change in lifestyle.

Jessie's owner showed total commitment and dedication to the extreme treatment regime which undoubtedly helped save Jessie's life.

Finally, after approximately 6 months of treatment, Jessie's blood tests are clear. Most importantly she can finally enjoy the odd treat or two!

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