Following recent reports of cases in the UK, here is an update on the tick bourne disease Babesiosis!


Protozoal parasite of the red blood cell

Transmitted by: Ticks

Where do Ticks live?

Forest and rough grazing including campsites!

France, Southern Europe but as far north as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, recently southern UK

Feeding activity of Tick

Especially Spring and Autumn

Prevention of Tick bites

Prevent tick attachment – repellent collars (Scalibor for dogs)

Treatments to kill attached ticks – Frontline (cats) or Advantix (dogs), Bravecto

Daily checking and removal of ticks using Tick Hook

Speed of onset of illness

Rapid onset disease is possible

Clinical signs of illness

Due to haemolytic anaemia (destruction of the red blood cells). Pale mucus membranes, jaundice, weakness, fast breathing, red urine, collapse, death

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