Here are some seasonal tips to keep your pets healthy during the cold winter months!


Look out for limps and difficulties in rising after rest. These are signs that your pet may have joint stiffness often made worse by colder weather. If your pet is showing any signs of limping or stiffness you should contact us. We have medication to make them feel more comfortable.

Can you pinch an inch?

With many pets spending more time indoors during the winter months they are getting less exercise and need correspondingly less food. Keep an eye for any weight gain since excess weight can cause a range of health problems including heart disease, diabetes and significantly worsen arthritis. Call us to arrange a free weight check with one of nurses. We can advise you on diet and exercise.                                   

Winter Flea Alert

With modern central heating fleas are no longer just a summer problem. Spot on treatments are ideal for treating your pet while lavicidal house sprays can be used to stop fleas developing in the home. Ask us for flea treatment advice. We can ensure you and your pet are flea free this winter.

Christmas Food

Chocolate is often found to be in abundance at this time of year and poses a significant hazard to dogs. In general the higher the cocoa content the more toxic the chocolate. Grapes raisins and sultanas are also known to be toxic to dogs so beware of your dog wolfing down left over Christmas cake or pudding! If you’re suspicious your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t contact us immediately.

Christmas Decorations

Ribbon and tinsel are very attractive to pets and if swallowed may lead to an intestinal blockage. Similarly make sure those turkey carcasses are safely disposed of. 

Outdoor Pets

The winter months can be very tough for rabbits and guinea pigs. It is important to make sure that hutches are warm, dry and clean and have plenty of bedding. Water problems should always be checked regularly to make sure they are not frozen.

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