Please stay safe this Christmas ❤️


ETHYLENE GLYCOL is found in most commercial antifreeze preparations; ETHYLENE GLYCOL tastes SWEET; ETHYLENE GLYCOL is the most common toxicity seen in small animals because of its SWEET TASTE.

Only 6 ml of antifreeze will cause LETHAL poisoning in a 4 kg cat!

Symptoms start showing 30 minutes to 12 hours after ingestion and include increased thirst, depression and sometimes seizures.


  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Check car regularly for leaks
  • Store antifreeze containers sealed and clearly marked in areas inacessible for pets
  • Don’t allow pets to have access to an area where radiator fluid is drained from car


Eating grapes and raisins can cause acute kidney failure in dogs.

Clinical signs are usually seen several hours after ingestion. The dog may vomit and be depressed and go into renal failure within 24 hours.

Just 200 grams of raisins or grapes is enough to kill a 10kg dog!

The effect of eating grapes and raisins varies considerably from dog to dog and is it is recommended that you avoid giving any at all.


 Did you know that your favourite Christmas treat could actually kill your dog?

Dogs need only a relatively small amount of chocolate to suffer fatal consequences:

  • 50g of baking chocolate powder causes death in a 10kg dog
  • 100g of dark sweet chocolate will cause seizures in a 10kg dog
  • 200g milk chocolate will cause seizures in a 10kg dog


  • 200g of white chocolate will probably not cause any adverse effects in a 10kg dog

Giving chocolate to dogs should be avoided completely.

For more detailed information relating to all poisons and household dangers please view the following page: Poisons and Household Dangers

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